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In order to reduce the risk of spread for coronavirus COVID-19, The Rubin Center for Autism and Developmental Pediatrics is only conducting 
from the comfort and security of your home via interactive video visits through HIPAA-compliant, telemedicine.

how does it work?

The use of electronic communications to deliver care to patients across broad geographic areas.
The visit will be scheduled and conducted in much the same way as a usual on-site visit, which begins with a parent interview, followed by an interview and interaction with your child and a ‘virtual’ examination primarily though observation and the performance of requested tasks.
We will create a video connection with you and your family, by using the your own personal electronic device, such as cell phone, laptop or tablet – combinations may be used at the same time to assist in communicating visual images (still or movie) while continuing conversations.


To schedule and appointment or to discuss your options, please contact our practice manager

Benefits of Video Visits:

Less stress for the kids to leave their activities to come to our office

No need to battle Atlanta traffic and saves travel time anyway

It is so nice to see the children in their own home environments

Everyone seems to be much more relaxed

The children have enjoyed the novelty of talking to me on video and when they are done they can go back to their activities

Parents can provide height and weight measurements so that I can  get a good sense of their growth

I can interact with the children, have them perform some tasks , observe their performance and get a good sense of their overall neurological function

If there are any medical problems or health concerns, I can review their medical records and discuss the concerns with their doctors

We are still able to discuss parents’ concerns and together develop strategies for making progress

As usual we have the developmental and behavioral assessments for children at the first visits and, where necessary and appropriate, for follow up visits

An unexpected benefit of the video visits it that we can see families from anywhere in the country and it is as if we are in the same room!

Stay Well & Stay Safe

What are our families saying about video visits?

We recently had a tele-appointment with Dr. Rubin. It was a wonderful experience as Dr Rubin was able to observe my son in his home environment.  He was able to provide instant feedback based on his observations and we have since been able to apply it to our daily routine.
I look forward to conducting future appointments via zoom with Dr. Rubin
The telemedicine conference with Dr. Rubin over the internet was very helpful for us. It gave us an incredible option to be able to meet with him, in spite of the coronavirus situation. 
Our son even liked being able to talk with Dr. Rubin over the computer.
We think this method will prove to be useful at other times as well,  saving us travel time and perhaps a few of our son’s complaints about appointments.
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