We recently had a tele-appointment with Dr. Rubin. It was a wonderful experience as Dr Rubin was able to observe my son in his home environment.  He was able to provide instant feedback based on his observations and we have since been able to apply it to our daily routine.
I look forward to conducting future appointments via zoom with Dr. Rubin
Very helpful and gave wonderful insight. Dr. Rubin was recommended by two families and I'm so grateful! His staff is awesome!!
-Bahati Monique Perkins Devane
I used to be upset about what my child could not do, but now I am excited about what he CAN do!
The telemedicine conference with
Dr. Rubin over the internet was very helpful for us. It gave us an incredible option to be able to meet with him, in spite of the coronavirus situation. 
Our son even liked being able to talk with Dr. Rubin over the computer.
We think this method will prove to be useful at other times as well,  saving us travel time and perhaps a few of our son’s complaints about appointments.
- Mr. and Mrs. N

You have been our advocate.
very helpful and understanding to our needs. Thank you for all that you do.

We heard what we already knew but didn't want to hear. But at the same time we did leave with hope for a better future. Most importantly, we have a plan. You were life saving for us.


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