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Comprehensive Care for Children and Adults

We offer comprehensive services in order to meet the needs of children and adults on the spectrum.

Signs of an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be seen in early childhood and parents may begin to notice symptoms as early as 12 months old.
Early intervention can prevent the need for extensive services in the future and supports continued development.


The Rubin Center for Autism and Developmental Pediatrics is Atlanta’s holistic autism specialist that demystifies the confusion about the autism spectrum and ultimately empowers families and their children to lead successful lives.


The Center is owned and directed by Dr. Leslie Rubin, a developmental pediatrician who has more than 40 years’ experience working with children and adults with autism and related developmental differences. Over his career, Dr. Rubin has discovered the power and necessity of inviting the entire family into a collaborative and interactive process that explores each child’s life from birth to the present and identifies future potential.  

We start by getting to know and embracing each child as a unique and valued individual. Our approach integrates each child’s distinct physical, developmental, and social characteristics into a diagnostic understanding to create a systematic plan that provides practical guidance and paves a hopeful path forward for the child and family. 

It’s natural to come to the Rubin Center with many questions. We start by transforming anxiety into hope by providing greater understanding and recommending practical action: First by welcoming all families with warmth and compassion, and then exploring the family’s concerns by identifying the inherent strengths, determination, and passion within each child and matching individual needs with proven solutions. 

Our partnership with families stands as a long-term commitment. Our immediate focus is to address the family’s concerns about the child’s developmental, behavioral, and educational needs. As we progress through this process together, we help both child and family become more independent and as self-sufficient as possible even as we remain a trusted resource for families as long as they have needs. 


Our purpose has and will always be simple: Understanding children so they can in turn understand the world they live in, find their place within it, and thrive. 


Parents who have concerns about their child's development, learning or behavior

Infants and children who have a delay in speech development with unusual patterns of behavior where the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition is considered


Infants born extremely premature who have recovered from their medical problems and now questions of development and learning emerge


Infants and children who have congenital anomalies or 'syndromes' and may not be developing as well as their siblings or peers


Children with complex medical and developmental problems who need coordination of care


School age children who are having difficulties with learning or behavior

Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities 

Medication management and second opinion diagnosis

Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver


Why you may need to take your child to see a developmental specialist:

I have been thrilled to see how much more engaged my son has been with Dr. Rubin. Also, he doesn't seem as anxious or on edge as he is during our normal appointments. He has loved being able to show off his toys, bike, and other aspects of his home life.


I also find myself more relaxed and appreciate that the visits are free of distractions. I can really focus on what Dr. Rubin or his social worker, Susan, are telling me. Plus, I LOVE not having to fight the traffic on 400! Thank you for having this option available to families during this uncertain time.

If you are a concerned parent and you would like to discuss yours concerns about your child's development, behavior, learning style, or you have a child who has a diagnosed with a developmental disability and would like to have a second opinion, please feel free to contact us

Parent Concern

Parents are most sensitive and aware of their child's development because they want the best for their children.

Often they are concerned long before anyone else and would like to have clarification, reassurance and if necessary an understanding, diagnosis and plan of approach to help their child make progress towards becoming successful academically and socially and growing up to be independent.

Premature Birth

Infants and young children may have been born prematurely or after a difficult pregnancy and labor where there may have been some neurological complication which affects development.


Parents want to know whether their child is on the right track and getting what he or she needs to make good progress.

Existing Conditions

Some infants are born with genetic, physical, medical or neurological conditions that affect growth and development and parents want to be sure their children are getting the best care possible in order to make the best progress they can.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Today, many parents are concerned about Autism or disorders on the Autism Spectrum, especially when their child has a delay in speech development or unusual patterns of behavior or social interaction.


Parents want answers so that they can have peace of mind or do what they need to do to make sure that their child gets what he or she needs as soon as possible to assure the best possible developmental outcome.

Second Opinion

Some children, adolescents or adults already have a diagnosis but their parents would like a second opinion or would like to have coordination of care and monitoring of their child's care to make sure of optimal health and social well-being.

Parents may want to be sure they are doing everything they can to make sure that their son or daughter is getting what he or she needs and is on the right track.

Is your child exhibiting characteristics of Autism?

Find out more about our

Early Autism Screening Evaluation, EASE



Understanding children so they can in turn understand the world they live in,find their place within it, and thrive. 


The Rubin Center does not only see children, we also work with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities!

Comprehensive care is not only for children but also for adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities - continuing care for children and adults.


Here is a link to a course presented by Dr Rubin on Medical Care of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through the Massachusetts Medical Society LINK

Contact our practice to find out more 

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